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8th-Jul-2006 10:29 pm(no subject)
So....Saturdays have always been a day of lovely lovely lovely love making for me and my guy. Today was a little different...I've started my period and he has no want for red wings. I can understand that. The smell is rank...not to mention the texture.

Ok...so...he had to work today. Boo for me but not really cause I like going up there with him sometimes. Something about a man working is just so incredibly sexy to me. We go to breakfast and when asked what he wanted to drink I suggested he get a cup of coffee. It arrives and I spoon his sugar into the cup and stir it for him. He gets a couple of refills, I do the same thing again each time. Breakfast was decent and off to his work we go. I curl up in a chair with a book and watch as he makes his way around and does what he has to do and then we go outside to smoke a cigarette.

After we're done I grab him by the hand and say "It's time to go make baby happy." He smiles knowingly and I lead him to a chair in the back. Sit him down and after I've disrobed him enough for my intentions I begin to kiss him passionately. He is making little moaning sounds of pleasure and kissing me back so I start to slide my hands around his waist. I sit back on my heels with his cock in my hand looking at it from every angle and slightly caressing him. I'm rubbing his sac and lifting up his cock and then I put my lips around the head and slowly start to slide it into my mouth with just a little bit of pressure, just the way he likes it. He's getting harder and harder. I'm wanting to go all the way, deep throat him. I can't, he's too big. So I settle with wrapping my hand around the base and stroking while bobbing up and down, licking underneath the head. He's grabbing at the armrest and moaning and shaking telling me how good it feels when I start to drool all over his cock, lubing it up so that I can stroke the head with my left hand the shaft with my right. He's talking dirty to me and I'm just in la-la land. I enjoy pleasuring him so much. I was soaked before he was even close to coming. I take his cock and rub it all over my face and he's dying to cum. So he takes over for me. I love to watch him jerk off and this was no exception. When he came, it was all over his chest, my chest, a little in my eye, all over his hand. I kiss the tip of his cock and then lick all of the cum I can off of his hand and then get up to clean him off. He kisses me and tells me how great it was and then I show him how wet I got. So he sat me in his lap and then started to rub my pussy and I decided to get up on the table in front of him and he proceeds to lick me to a shattering orgams which as it began to subside I looked at him with what he said was the cutest face and said "thank you!". We laughed, kissed, complimented, dressed and had a post-orgasm cigarette and a nice chit chat on the way home.

And that my friends, was that, as they say.
26th-May-2006 07:58 pm - New Gathering
Alright, so here's the goal: Not be one of those other communities that is so uptight and snarky that they allow posts only on a specific portion of a topic.

This forum is about sex. The good, the bad, the ugly, the apathetic. Discuss whatever you want. Ask a question, share a story. It's up to you. Post as often as you like.

It is not, however, a meat market or a dating service. If you wanna hook up with someone, hit them on their personal journal. 

I look forward to seeing how fast and far this community grows. Spread the word to all of your oversexed friends. The more the merrier. I will regale you with a few of my own soon. Right now I'm concentrating on the layout and icons.
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